Lemon Kush Shatter


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.Lab Tested Result:

THC: 71.55%
CBD: 0.38%

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The cannabis concentrate referred to as shatter incorporates a clear, amber look that
appears glassy once cold, however, a lot like thick honey once heated. Shatter is usually compared to honey in its color in additionthe extent of transparency and richness of color vary supported bound factors, like the quantity of wetness and warmth used throughout the method. Also, the liquidity of the merchandise will increase because the share of terpenes will increase.
Shatter is commonly consumed through the dabbing or vaporizing method, though smoking it mixed with marijuana flower is additionally potential. Buy shatter online cheap USA ,Shatter is the most potent of all concentrates, however, since it’s slightly unstable, over time it changes into budder. If you are in France, Italy, Spain, Canada, or the UK, you can still order our product via overnight shipping at a very cheap price.

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