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Cat piss weed strain for sale

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Cat piss weed strain for sale

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The smell is inventively portrayed as being peppery, skunky, and somewhat alkali. Feline Piss has a pleasant impact after smoking, leaving you feeling euphoric, inventive, cheerful, and playful. Restoratively it is utilized to treat pressure and tension, and less significantly, agony, sickness, and misery. Dry mouth and eyes are the most widely recognized secondary effects, for certain individuals feeling neurotic, mixed up, and having cerebral pain subsequent to smoking it. The nugs are a strong light green variety straight through. No matter what, subsequent to smoking this you will feel overall quite high and have the chance to tell somebody you smoked Cat Piss, and not the fluid form.

Cat piss weed strain for sale cheap price

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Initially a clone-just aggregate of Super Silver Haze, Cat Piss is a Sativa-prevailing strain that has an exceptionally impactful alkali-like odor suggestive of its name. It has been crossed with different strains to make seed lines with shifting aggregates including indica-prevailing assortments, Cat piss weed strain for sale, but it is by and large viewed as to a greater degree a Sativa. The flavors are sweet with undercurrents of pine, and the high is inspiring and cerebral with a pleasant loosening-up body feel that makes it a decent choice for daytime use. Best quality weed strains available



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